Admission test procedure of BAU: Attention to the authority

Dr. Razia Sultana:

May I draw your attention to the undergraduate admission test procedure of our BAU. I had to face some unpleasant situation recently and in the past as well with some guardians whose students were applied for the admission test, paid money, but could not sit for the test. I am sharing my views and opinion to you.

After the circulation of the admission test the only eligible candidates who have the appropriate CGPA in HSC and SSC (this year 9) can apply for the admission test.

BAU has a two-steps selection system in the admission test. First, an initial screening of the eligible candidates (?) to sit for the test. We screen 10 times students of our actual sits. So, a student who was eligible to apply for the test, become ineligible to sit in the test. That means we are asking for a double eligibility to sit for the admission test in our BAU.

Second, the actual test to select our desirable number of students, where, 100 Marks form HSC and SSC and 100 from the actual test.

My question is why we are taking 700 Tk to all the students who applied for but not double eligible to sit in the test? Can we do that? Is it fair to the students? Can’t we change the system?

(File Photo from BAU admission 2017)

There is two possible ways to overcome this problem. First one is, adaptation of an initial registration system (similar to EOI), where the candidates will apply with a filled up form. The registration fee could be 50TK at the highest. After doing the initial screening, we can call the double eligible candidates to download their admit card paying Tk 700.

Second one is to give chance to all the students who are applied for the test (and definitely they all are eligible to sit for the test). Due to this double eligibility, a student who can sit for the admission test in all other big universities including BUET, Dhaka Uni, Jahangirnagar Uni and all the Engineering and technology Universities, medical, cannot sit for BAU.

So far I know, this year 2018-2019, only 16 thousand students applied for the admission test. Among this the students who already successfully passed in Medical, BUET, DU may not come to sit for the exam in the BAU. Besides this, our admission test is on November 10, and at the same date Comilla Uni has admission test. So, some students will not attend for that reason as well. So, there is a very high possibility that we will not get our expected 12300 students for the actual test. Then, why not we call all the students for the test? We can take admission test in double shift. It is not a big deal to accommodate all.

Time is changing. With the advancement of ICT, we are changing our system. Why not the admission test system? There is no chance to be stiff headed in such an important issue. My humble request to the admission committee is that; please call all the students who applied for the admission test to sit in the test this year. Yet there is enough time to call. From the next year, please change the admission test procedure. I am requesting to the members of teachers council and all the teachers of BAU to help regarding this issue. Why we are caring the blame of unfairness year after year?


Pro. Dr. Razia Sultana
Department of Agricultural Chemistry,
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202