Alam breaks shakle of poverty through quail rearing (Video)

Narsingdi Correspondent:
Didar Alam an inhabitant of Jinerdee union under Polash Upazila of Narsingdi district has proved how to be self-reliant by struggling against poverty and break the shackle of destitution by engaged in rearing of Quail bird.

Didar was devastated periodically when he lost his job suddenly ,but the then 25 years old boy was more courage and in a few month he started Quail rearing farm purchasing 600 Quail bird at a cost of Tk 20000. He then gradually increasing more bird in his farm But in 2007 he was again devastated periodically when all the Quail bird of his farm ruined by the bird flue.

Didar Alam was more courage and again he started his Quail farming. He then imparted training from local Livestock Department and with the logistic help of the department, in a few years he achieved tremendous success in Quail rearing by producing more eggs and also producing the chicken of Quail Seeing the demand of Quail chicken Didar Alam engaged in producing chicken purchasing a Incubator and gradually he increased the number of 4 Incubator which can producing 2500 to 2600 chicken at a time.

Didar is now financial solvent. He makes a comfortable living and built a two storied building. At present he rearing 30000 quail bird and every day he is getting over 20000 eggs. The eggs of Quail is more demand in the local market Talking to correspondent Didar said he has tremendous success on farming Quail bird during the last seven years. This year he got an excellent production of eggs and producing of chicken. He expressed his satisfaction for earned Taka over ten lakh selling the eggs and chicken this year.

District Livestock officer Hasan Imam said that quail rearing a new devised technology has made a new chapter in poultry sector. Quail is small domestic bird. It is one of the species of poultry. It is so small that there can rearing eight Quail in place of one hen. The wait of its one egg is 10to 12 gram. At the age of two month the Quail bird started to lay eggs and it lay over 250 eggs in a year. The eggs and meat of Quail is more nutritious then others poultry.

He said quail farming is more profitable A Quail farmer easily can earn monthly Taka 10,000 to 12,ooo by rearing 2000 bird. The Livestock officer also opined that the importance of Quail rearing is unlimited. Seeing the success of Didar and getting help from local Livestock Department a number of youth in Narsingdi and other districts have started Quail farming and it is gaining popularity.

He said farming of Quail bird create employment of rural people, fulfill the demand of nutrition and the country could earn huge foreign exchange. Recently Secretary Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Salina Afroza along with District Livestock officer Hasan Imam and District Fishery officer Chowdhury Mohammad Abul Farah visited the Quail farm of Didar Alam at Polasher-char village of polash upazila of Narsingdi district Salina Afroza expressed her satisfaction to see the Quail farm said unemployed youths and marginal farmers and destitute women could contribute a lot to the rural economy through Quail farming with small investment.